A warm, golden glamour surrounds the lively environment. Soft and melodic sounds highlight the delicate small talk and the clinking glasses of Champagne. These tones arouse your interest and the next thing you notice is the stirring music that takes all your attention. This evening is a special one. With a soup├žon of danceable rhythms the fluent jazz and soul tunes glare in a new light. This music creates a lounge atmosphere that encourages the listener to immerge and move. Sensually she touches the microphone and it comes alive. Suddenly all you think about is only one thing.

ABOUT HER is the most recent project of the producers Divided Souls, Samuri and singer Sophia Martin. In excellent collaboration the trio unites dreamy but profound lyrics with an eclecticism of sounds that did not exist before. From the effusing creativity and precise craft evolve harmonic beats, which range from the Roaring Twenties to futuristic dance music. At live concerts their own band supports the trio. It is an exquisite sound from which even gourmets turn into gourmands, because ABOUT HER puts you under her spell and you can't get enough of her.